Dating Tips Online and Offline

With the internet gaining more popularity and here to stay, more and more people are turning to the net for basically everything – and getting a date and possible future partner is no exception. Making the internet as a start for finding a date clearly has advantages – people get to know each other first to make the first face to face meeting less awkward, and what each person wants is made clear from the start, before the actual meeting itself. Online dating is also more practical money-wise, because one need not spend on a date in trying to find out about each other, as well as less time-consuming. But online dating is a whole jungle of people, so in getting started with going into online dating, here are some points to remember:

Know who you are and what you want – People turn to  dating a filipina what to expect  online dating for various reasons, so being clear with what you want will funnel your online search to eliminate disappointments to a significant degree. Risk factor is low with being clear with your purpose and your interest.

Honesty/sincerity pays – in online dating, while there is a natural tendency to put our best foot forward, it is best to be honest and not paint anything other than the real picture to avoid disappointments on both parties as well as waste of time. Being honest about you will better determine whether you are compatible with the prospective date or not.

Approach unfamiliar territory with caution – All types of people access the internet, there is no screening the kind of people you will meet, so it helps to be careful and not be gullible with everything you hear or see. Neither should you divulge too much personal information.

When trying to know a person, check for the consistency of what he or she says, being careful not to believe everything told. When there are inconsistencies, it is a red flag and a warning sign. This is probably a sign to keep a distance until the veracity of these facts is determined.

Take it slow, take time to build – it has been a proven common thread for couples who started online dating that, the more they take time to build the friendship and know each other, the more successful the blossoming relationship will be in the long term.

The First Date

So now you have taken some time to build this relationship, now what? The first date is as critical as a first impression – it will be the make or break and will determine the fate of what you have built. To increase the chances of a successful first date, these are some useful dating tips to keep in mind:

Dating Tip#1: Safety First
You can never be too sure on the first date. It is always best to meet in a public place, though quiet enough to be conducive to a pleasant conversation. Have your own transport if possible or in a place where it is accessible to public transportation so that you can have a quick exit if things do not go well. Inform a close friend beforehand of this first date, such as information about this person you are meeting, contact details, where you will be meeting.

Dating Tip#2: Creating a Good Physical Impression
Dressing, grooming and preparing for that first date-Rather than being dressed to kill, loud or flashy, or attracting the wrong kind of attention (remember this is a first date and it is best to play safe), dress on something you are comfortable in, with emphasis more on good grooming – making sure everything is neat about you from hair down to your toes and smelling fresh, nothing heavy and strong but a light musk scent for men and something light and dainty for the women. Rule of thumb – never try anything new on any major event such as dating – no new scent (you don’t know how your body chemistry will react with the new scent), make-up or cosmetics (to rule out possible allergic reactions), no new clothes nor shoes (lest they might be ill-fitting and your discomfort shows through), no drastic hairstyle change.

Dating Tip#3: The Charm of an Interesting Company
Having known a good deal about each other prior to this first date  asian ladies dating  because of chatting online for some time should give you considerable leeway to comfortably talk about each other’s lives, interests, being careful not to venture into negative aspects though – keep the conversation in a positive happy note. A good conversation does not necessarily mean you have to talk all the time, but equally being a good listener. Learn to balance the conversation between you and him/her. People love to talk about themselves so you can get the person to talk and make him/her feel comfortable by asking about things you previously have an idea about in him/her – interests, family, work. Be considerate and thoughtful, compliment as appropriate, listen with your eyes and heart, this shows that you are naturally interested in what the other is saying – listening is a very endearing and charming trait, as well as remembering things about the person.

Humor always is a positive thing, as long as it is natural and not forced – remember your chats prior to this first date and recall the things you laughed about.

If towards the end of the date you had a nice time, let the person know, and if you feel the other person feels the same, you can lightly mention about the succeeding date come picking-up-the-tab time (usually it’s the male role the first time at least) and a good segue for su

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